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Good morning loves! I am so happy to introduce to you Christine Nendick, the creative editor of “Rescue In Style,” a blog dedicated to making a fashion statement for adoptable pets! While spreading awareness of animals looking for their forever homes, as well as featuring dogs/cats in urgent need of adoption, she also shares trendy outfits, information on local adoption events, behind the scenes videos, and hundreds of tips so that you too can foster, adopt, or rescue cats and dogs.

Christine has the cutest cats, Roni and Cheese, a hilarious dog named Rawlings, and recently fostered seven kittens!!! I love meeting people that choose to open their homes to rescued dogs or cats, I personally have two beautiful girls! My older dog is Mia, she is around 60 pounds, turned 7 years old in October, and is 100% blind. My youngest dog is Anastasia, I found her on the street, on Friday, June 26, 2015 – a day I will never forget! I immediately rushed her to the only animal hospital that was open late on a Friday night. In all honesty, I found her during an inconvenient time of my life: I was in the middle of looking for a new apartment (so I was staying at my parents), I was paying my dog sitter to have Mia until I found a new apartment, the relationship that I had been in for 4+ years had ended the previous month, and I was working 70 hours per week. After three months of searching for a pet-friendly building, on August 2015, I moved to an ocean-front condo with my two girls. Mia immediately made it clear that she disapproved of the new pup. It took about ten months of keeping them separated by wooden barriers, lots of group classes at PetSmart / one-on-one training, and lots of love / patience for them to learn to live together in harmony under the same roof.

Not giving up on Anastasia, and hiring multiple trainers was hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made. (She was totally wild & completely untrained). At the time that I rescued Anastasia, Mia had vision in only one eye. In January 2018, when that eye lost all vision, and her eye pressure could no longer be controlled, her eye doctor performed CBA (ciliary body ablation – the least invasive treatment for glaucoma) on her eye, and she became permanently blind. It has been incredible to witness the amount of dedication that Anastasia puts into licking Mia’s blind eyes on a daily basis. While I have been extremely diligent in putting seven different eye drops twice a day on her eyes since 2014, what Anastasia does to her is something only another dog could ever do…

Both Christine and I agree that it is extremely important to train dogs. I personally love ‘group-classes’ because I have noticed that it teaches the dog to have a lot of self-control, while being surrounded by multiple attractions (other humans / other dogs). Mia completed all her levels of training at PetSmart (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Whenever she did not pass her final exam, PetSmart allowed her to re-take the course… and we did re-take every single course. All of that effort that I put into driving her to class once a week, paid off immensely. While some dogs require more effort than others, with love and patience, anything is possible.

Interview with Christine Nendick:

Q: When did you start Rescue in Style?

I came up with the idea in December 2016 but officially launched the blog in February 2017. It’s just been a little over two years now!

Q: How did you come up with the idea?

I was scrolling through Instagram late at night and came across a fashion blogger sharing a picture of her dog. Unfortunately, the dog was not a rescue dog. She had so many followers that I thought it would have been an incredible platform to spread awareness of all the dogs (and cats!) in need of homes. The idea of being a fashion blogger who showed off adorable pets struck me as a way to market so many animals. After searching online, I couldn’t find anyone who was doing what I was picturing so I decided to do it myself.

Q: Why was it important to incorporate fashion into your efforts?

There a lot of awesome accounts on Instagram devoted to rescue organizations, but I wanted to target an audience that might want to follow all of them. The fashion is my way of welcoming a new demographic into the rescue world. I hope that by showcasing some fun fashion, I can cater to a group that hadn’t previously been aware of all the animals in need of homes. They might come to my page because of the style, but hopefully, they’ll stick around because they enjoy learning about all things rescue.

Q: What do you hope people learn from your blog/Instagram?

I hope people will learn that there are so many wonderful pets looking for homes. Sadly, 1.5 million animals are euthanized each year simply because there isn’t enough space for them at our shelters. I hope to encourage people to pursue adoption when adding a furry family member to their home!

Q: How can people get involved?

There are so many ways to help. You can absolutely find the perfect way to support your local rescue! Whether you want to walk dogs, socialize cats, help with social media, or fundraise, your skills are needed. I would recommend looking on their website, there is usually a tab for volunteering. If there isn’t reach out through email or call them.

Also, fostering is the most instrumental ways you can help save lives. If you can temporarily bring a dog into your home, you will save two lives: the dog in foster care and the one that gets to take its place in the shelter. It’s also the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in rescue.

Q: Do you have any favorite dogs/cats?

Besides my own Greyhound (a Florida native!) and two cats?! Absolutely! There have been so many wonderful animals that have caught hold of my heart. One of the first dogs I ever met was named Lady. She was a pittie who was used for breeding. The poor thing was so young but had clearly had so many litters. Lady was the sweetest and wanted to just lay her head in your lap and snuggle with her stuffed animals. She spent a few weeks at the shelter before someone scooped her up and took her home and spoiled her!

I’ve also become more involved with my city municipal shelter, Chicago Animal Care and Control. It’s where people surrender their pets and where we house strays. Generally, it’s mostly pit bull type dogs. Landlords here aren’t very friendly with “bully breeds” so they populate our city shelter. My favorite dog there for a while was Lucy. She gave me the best hugs and would sprint over for belly rubs. She was taken by a local rescue and she’s now awaiting her forever home!

Q: What’s next for Rescue in Style?

I’ve recently launched my very own merchandise! I’m working on creating a few more items to add to the collection so that’s my next big task. Outside of that, I’m always looking to work with new rescues in the area and hopefully across the US! 

To visit Christine’s blog click here!

To find a pet in need of a warm home, visit AdoptAPet and PetFinder.

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