Coffee or Tea:   Tea!  I drink about 3 cups of tea per day, I love flavored tea, black tea, green tea, … all of them!

Languages spoken:  Three, I fluently speak in Spanish, English, French.

Favorite actors:  Morgan Freeman and Vincent Cassel.

Something interesting:  I have an Italian Citizenship, and an Italian passport.

Anything you collect:  Skirts!  I used to collect stamps from all over the world when I was young…

Make-Up Routine: I prefer the natural look, during the week I wear the basics for work (a bit of blush, eyeliner, lip balm, and no foundation).  I wash my face twice daily, in the morning and before going to sleep.

Favorite singer:  Tina Turner.

One beauty product you can’t live without:  Hands creme & lip balm.

Countries lived in:  So far I have lived & studied full-time in USA, Argentina, France & Spain.

Favorite season:  Probably Spring.

Favorite food:  I can eat pasta every single day!  I also love Japanese food, Mexican food, and many others.

Animal lover:  Yes!  I am into rescuing / adopting / fostering of dogs.  I rescued one of my pups myself (I picked her up from the street, rushed her to the animal hospital, and then my home).  Also, for almost 2 years I went to the local shelter 2 – 3 Sundays per month and spent up to 6 hours just walking dogs, helping bathe them & helping get them get adopted.

Cities you’d visit again:  I appreciate that I’ve had the chance to see Stockholm, Milan, Paris, Moscow, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, Oslo, Dublin, Istanbul, Prague, Budapest, Prague, Florence, Copenhagen, Gstaad, London, Munich, & Petra and hopefully I can revisit each again soon…

Favorite movies:  Comedies!  And those based on a true story.   

Fun fact: I love to go grocery shopping & I love to recycle all recyclable products, so I often spend time researching about recycling centers around the country or alternative ways to dispose plastic! (gotta help the environment!).

Favorite TV Show:  I rarely have time to sit down and watch any TV.  But I’ve watched almost every season of Dancing With The Stars, haha.

ana florentina