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It’s been an AMAZING opportunity to be in Irael – the Holy Land.  Inside Jerusalem, also known as the ‘Old City,’ you can find the most sacred sites in the country, but there is a long list of historic landmarks in the entire land of Israel that can be visited.  Below is a list of the places that we have visited so far, and will visit during our time here.  

  • Mount of Beautitudes (It is located up on a hill.  Jesus is believed to have delivered the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ right here).
  • Old City of Jerusalem (Our hotel wass located a few blocks away, so we went as much as possible.  There is so much to see!)
  • Church of Holy Sepulchre (Located inside the ‘Old City’ of Jerusalem.) (This place is packed with tourists, so it is better to go early in the morning when it opens around sunrise, or very late before it closes around 7pm).  We went on our own about 3 times, and then with our guide.  The first time we went was on the night we arrived, as the sun was setting.  This is not a good idea!!! the ‘Old City’ is like a labyrinth and you get lost easily).
  • The Western (Wailing) Wall (if you want to visit the tunnels, reserve before arriving!!)
  • Mount of Olives (adjacent to Jerusalem’s Old City)
  • The Jewish Quarter
  • Take a Day Trip to the Dead Sea!
  • Masada (Situated on top of an isolated rock plateau.  We took a ride up to it, and walked it down afterwards.  Must wear tennis shoes for this!).



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