Barcelona Fashion | Celia Vela SS16 / Wom&Now SS16


CELIA VELA’s designs are my favorite!  I am obsessed with her SS16 collection.  Each piece of clothing is feminine.  It was difficult for me to choose my favorite four to show you here, and I also want them all.  One interesting fact about her is that she has been travelling to Tokyo, Japan since 1999, and currently has a showroom in Tokyo.  ** After presenting tonight at 080 Barcelona Fashion, CELIA VELA won the National Award for the Best Collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion.


Collection “Cote d’Azur” 

Each piece of the collection aims to be comfortable, while also being refined, exquisite and alluring.  WOM & NOW states that its collections are designed for cosmolopitan and dynamic women that desire clothing with an impeccable silhouette and a modern twist.  In my opinion WOM & NOW’s SS16 achieves that perfectly.  Here are my top three!


Ph: 080 Barcelona Fashion

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