All About the Bell Sleeves

ana florentinasoft pink bell sleeves

bell sleeves

ana florentina

ana florentina

ana florentina

Sateen Top: FOREVER 21

White Jeans: NORDSTROM (very similar)

Handbag: NINE WEST




Hello new week!! Hope that you all had a great weekend.  Mine was quite busy, on Friday night I went out to dinner with my cousin and three more girls.  On Saturday I spent about half the day at a local hospital were I have been involved with for the last 4-5 years.  I attended an informative retreat to be up to date with the hospital’s latest innovative advances.  The activities that I do with the hospital on a monthly basis definitely help me keep my feet on the ground, and I love being a part of a group that fundraises for the hospital and its patients.  The best part of the day was seeing where the money we fundraised last year went, and what medical equipment was purchased with that money.  Pretty incredible to experience this, and I usually get overly emotional when I meet patients, or when they thank us for what we do.  On Sunday I had to work a bit and catch up on a dozen things (including sleep!). 😉

 Now let’s talk about the long bell sleeves on this outfit!!  I think this soft and feminine sateen top is so so pretty!  It comes in three colors: blush, cream and amber, but I grabbed it in soft pink because it is one of my favorite colors! And I style it the same way each time, with white bottoms: skinny jeans, flare jeans or dressier wide leg pants.  What I specifically like about the ‘bells’ is that they are discreet, they make a statement without being too loud.  So even if the trend fades soon, I can still wear it.

 Hope everyone has a great new week!


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  1. I am a huge fan of pink and rose colored items and this top is so lovely, yet classic at the same time. The sleeves aren’t so wide that you ever have to stop wearing it when the bell sleeve trend eventually ends. The bag and shoes are a perfect pairing, too. 🙂 You look lovely!


  2. I am in love with pale pink this spring and exactly – combined with white pant! I love how they have the pleats at the back, nice detail. Sleeves are just gorgeous, any sleeve game this year is mandatory:)))
    kisses Sharka

  3. Bell Sleeves are totally my favourite trend too, I have so many different variations. But I love your pretty blush pink top, it looks absolutely beautiful on you.I love how you have paired it with white trousers and neutral accessories. Such a perfect look for spring :). And your volunteer work at the hospital sounds so rewarding, it’s such an amazing thing to do.


  4. Yes, I think that top looks so soft and feminine on u too hun! And WOW, didn’t know you participate in such a great cause – fundraising for hospitals! I will be overwhelmed and loss for words too if those patients were to thank me 🙂

  5. Im crazy about bell sleeves tops, I have few of them as well with the dresses 😀

    They are so feminine and easy to style!

    I love how you combined it in here, and Im crazy about you bag <3

  6. Bell sleeves are such a huge trend RN, but I just found out that they do not look that good on me… I wish I could don them with grace as you do!
    Have a great day hun!

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