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                             BASIC SUMMER ESSENTIALS

 With summer right around the corner, it is time to start checking out a few of the essentials.  Big straw hats are a huge trend right now AND they protect your skin from the sun (a must for avoiding future wrinkles).  You can look super chic and protect your face at the same time – double win.  When it comes to beach bags, I always prefer a neutral color so that it matches with any bathing suit color.  Speaking of bathing suits… it is not always easy to find a one-piece that is cute, but here is a floral one-piece that I love!!  Another accessory that adds a lot of style to your outfit while protecting your eyes from UV rays are sunglasses (here are two adorable pairs that I like a lot).  And remember to wear sunscreen!  (I usually wear any Neutrogena sunscreen product, I like Neutrogena because they are not greasy – which is important when applying it to your face).  Hopefully this coming weekend there will be no rain so that I can go down to the beach!  There is something so soothing about listening to the sound of the ocean waves.  I linked the items from this post below, together with 8 other super cute beach bags, check them out!



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