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How To Wear Them

How often do you wear golden tones?  I love color as much as I love black or white – and the earth color palette is one that I enjoy wearing during the warmer months of the year.  Earth tones look fantastic when you have a bit of tan as well!  Personally, I feel that warm colors go well with my hair color, so whenever I see a clothing item that I love in a golden color I try it on.  

What Colors Should You Wear?

My answer to this question is: (1) Wear Colors that You Love, (2) Wear Colors that Flatter Your Skin Tone / Hair Color, or (3) Wear Colors that Make You Feel Happy. 

Every woman has several earth-tone colors that will complement her.  Next time you see any top or bottom in olive, rust, tan, brown, burnt orange, mustard, or a similar earthy tone – try it on!  🙂

todays style trend golden tones

how to wear high waist pants

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ana florentina



High Waist Pants 

Sheer Cami  (champagne | black | light olive)

Nude Sandals

Brown Sunglasses


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