How to Wear a Blanket Scarf


Hello loves!  Why are blanket scarves the best kept sartorial secret for battling the cooler temperatures??  Because they keep you super warm … while still looking effortlessly chic.


How many times have you felt like taking your covers with you as you roll out of bed?  I know I have!  I love gigantic, warm, wrap-yourself-up-in-them scarves.  Blanket scarves are the go-to cozy coverall for the outdoors during the winter … (or indoors – for when your work-place sets the air conditioner to 60 degrees, or less)…  Whatever color of blanket scarf you choose, one thing is certain: a blanket scarf can add a stylish touch to almost any fall outfit.  If lack of styling technique has been holding you back from wearing blanket scarves – I got you covered.  Below are my three favorite ways to wear these warm scarves.  Prepare to want to wear one too!



(1) AS A BELTED CAPE:  this is my favorite way!  I find a sweater dress in a color that is also on my scarf.  For example, the colors of this scarf are primarily navy, burgundy and off-white.  So I paired mine with an off-white sweater dress and it matched perfectly!  To complete the look I added a thin burgundy belt.  The result: chic and elegant.


(2) LOOPED AROUND THE NECK: simply wrap the blanket scarf loosely around your neck, and make sure that both ends of the scarf end up hanging down at the front.  The result: classic and comfortable.


(3) AS A LOOSE CAPE, NO BELT: you can leave both ends hanging down casually, or you can drape it over one shoulder for a carefree elegance that can’t be beat – up to you. 😉  I love it both ways!


Which of these three easy ideas was your favorite?  How do you wear your blanket scarf?



Large blanket scarves aren’t going anywhere.  Infuse some color into your winter wardrobe and when in doubt, opt for a classic seasonal pattern, like plaid.  I hope this post inspires you to grab a stylish blanket – and go!  Stock up on my favorites linked below and get ready for the cold in style!


sweater dress: ZARA (old, similar here) | handbag: MICHAEL KORS | shoes: STUART WEITZMAN (similar here) | scarf: (similar, similar) | lipstick: MAYBELLINE ‘deepest cherry’

** shop the same bag in different colors (pink, black, white, cement or dark dune) – below:

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