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American Colony Hotel ana florentina
The American Colony Hotel, Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

Tonight we decided to dress up and go out!

The American Colony Hotel is located in the heart of Jerusalem, and it is quite enchanting!  While here we found out that the guest list to this hotel has included Winston Churchill, Mikhail Gorbachev, Tony Blair, Bob Dylan and Lawrence of Arabia!

We have been making the most of our time here, waking up around 6 AM, and going to bed around midnight!!!  We try to walk around the walled city at least once a day, and then we are just doing guided tours of everything else.

Oh, and buying so many souvenirs, I will need an extra bag for them.

Jerusalem ana florentina


A Hebrew word meaning peace, harmony, wholenesss, prosperity or tranquility.  It can also be used to mean both Hello and Goodbye.

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