Flouncy Top & Jeans Summer Look

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To learn more about MOTT & BOW’S “Home Try-On Program” for Women & Men’s Jeans, click on ‘continue reading.’




Off-Shoulder Top

High Rise Skinny (Carmine Light / Medium Blue)

Wearing an amazing pair of skinny jeans and an off-the-shoulder flouncy top is probably one of the simplest summer looks.  This easy and laid back look can be worn throughout the season with flats, sandals, or high-heel sandals for a night out.  Lately I have found myself preferring … high-rise jeans over any low-rise pair of denim that I own!  I love high-rise jeans because they give the illusion of height and elongate the legs.

The jeans that I am wearing are from MOTT & BOW, they are designer-quality jeans (at a reasonable price) that fit like a glove and are super comfortable.  Read below about the convenient program that they have!!


  1. Buy your first pair and choose a second waist size for free
  2. You will receive both, so that you can decide the best fit for you
  3. Keep the one you like, send the second pair back for free
  4. With the free pre-paid label, drop the box off at your nearest FedEx

If you are looking for a pair of skinny jeans I definitely recommend ordering jeans from MOTT & BOW in two different sizes.   Take a look at the three signature fits that they offer: (a) high-rise skinny jeans, (b) mid-rise skinny jeans, and (c)  slim boyfriend jeans.  It will save you a trip to the mall AND let you try them in the comfort of your home.  You will love the quality of the material and the fit – they have everything that I look for in a pair of jeans.

Lots of love, Flora!

PS: Great news! MOTT & BOW ships to 24 countries worldwide.  Check them out, HERE.


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  1. I am all about the high rise! I only wear high rise jeans now. I need to look into Mott and Bow now. I like how you can try two pairs on and decide which one fits better!

  2. I LOVE high-waisted jeans! Yours look fabulous! And what a beautiful top. The home try-on program sounds like a wonderful idea too. I’ve never heard of anything like that!

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