3 Steps to Finding The Perfect Wedding-Day Shoes

3 steps to finding the perfect wedding day shoes


Hello friends! As many of you noticed, I paused my ‘Wedding Wednesday’ blog posts for a variety of reasons that I will share in a separate post very soon. But for now, let’s jump to a topic that I am excited to talk with you all today, a bride’s glass slippers.

Bridal shoes are one of the most important accessories that a bride wears on her special day. When looking for the perfect wedding-day shoe there are three main factors to consider: the style of the venue, your wedding theme, and the height of the shoe.

ted baker brooch detail shoes

Let’s begin with the style of the wedding venue. What vision do you have for your special day!!? Are you hosting a boho-chic wedding or a black-tie reception? Will your wedding take place on the beach? If so, sandals, wedges, or flats will likely be the safest footwear for you to wear. These Ivory Gigi Pointed Toe Flats are a perfect choice, and you could throw on some killer heels once the ceremony is over, and prior to the first dance.

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If your wedding will take place at an indoor venue, almost every style will work for you. Be familiar with the grounds or terrains that you will be walking on, whether there are rocks or the potential for mud if it rains. Take a look at these three pairs of bridal shoes that are beyond gorgeous: Love Metallic Glitter Pumps, Sparkle Slingback Sandal and Brooch Detail Pumps – which would you wear on your wedding day!?

Have you defined what your wedding theme will be?!? The wedding shoes you say yes to should complement your gown. Pay attention to the details on your gown (pearls, tulle, satin, lace, floral details, etc…) so that the same details can be echoed in your bridal footwear. If you are into all things vintage, check out these elegant Desdemona Embellished Pumps. Yet don’t stress about matching your gown to your footwear, modern brides often opt for making a bold statement with a bright pair of shoes, or matching their shoes to their bridal bouquet…

seychelles bow on top pumps

While style is important, being uncomfortable on your wedding day is probably not worth it. You want to be able to walk as gracefully as possible down the aisle, so if you opt for a higher heel be sure to do a practice run around the house! Consider wearing shoes that have a little bit of platform at the front, as this will relieve some pressure from the ball of your foot. Remember that you will be standing the majority of the day – comfortable shoes are definitely necessary. 🙂

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Finally, when choosing the perfect pair of wedding-day shoes, consider whether you will want to wear your bridal shoes beyond your wedding. Your wedding day might just be the one day in your life to splurge!


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