Healthy Homemade Fruit Popsicles

During the first week of social distancing we purchased a bit more fruit than we can eat, so Bren had the greatest idea: to make our favorite smoothies and turn them into healthy popsicles. He ordered the popsicle maker for $19.99 (this one comes with 50 ice cream bags, 50 ice cream sticks, and a book filled with recipes), but also ordered an extra bag of 200 ice cream sticks, and a box with 200 additional popsicle bags. In total he spent around $35.00. The best part about making popsicles is that you fill your freezer with healthy snacks to eat any time! If you have little kids at home, I am sure they will love these all-natural frozen treats.

Everything you need:

This popsicle tray lets you make 10 popsicles at a time – we’ve made four batches so far (mango smoothies, green smoothies & cranberry juice). I love that you can fill the tray with juice, smoothies, yogurt, ice-cream, puree, apple sauce, or you can create your own unique frozen treats. Once the popsicles are frozen, they are easy to remove from the mold, and they can be stored individually in the freezer to save space.

how to make fruit popsicles

I’ve been making smoothies for the longest time, when Bren and I were dating I would make him green smoothies filled with spinach! He wasn’t too into them, but now loves them.

One of our favorite smoothies includes: 1 banana, 1 mango, almond milk (or non-fat yogurt or Greek yogurt), chia seeds (optional), honey (optional), vanilla ice-cream (Bren adds vanilla ice cream, I don’t!), and lots of ice cubes (add them at the end).

ana florentyna

Hope you all enjoy making popsicles as much as we do! Lots of love, xx.


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