Blue Ruffle Midi Dress


All the heart eyes for this dress!

Ruffle Midi Dress | White Heel | Rose Gold Necklace | Rose Gold Cuff

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Earlier this month, I was browsing online for blue summer outfits for an upcoming trip that we have, and came across this open back blue dress, and this ruffle midi dress. Although both have the perfect length and shade of blue, I ended up choosing the latter.

I really like how the ruffles continue all the way to the back – it makes the dress super attractive. Because this dress is not formfitting, I have a feeling that I will be wearing it more. I am wearing an XS here, and it fits very well, but I am thinking that I might shorten the adjustable straps in the back a little bit (an easy fix). Which of these two dresses would you have chosen for yourself?

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