My Review of the London Fog Trench Coat

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I’ve purchased several trench coats over the last few years, and I’ve mostly worn them during my travels abroad. While living in Miami trench coats were not really necessary, but now that I live in New York City I get to enjoy them during Spring and Fall! I was looking for a timeless trench coat that would hold up over the years, and that had a reasonable price tag. After checking out various brands, I decided on London Fog’s Double-Breasted Hooded Trench Coat. I am really happy with it, so today I wanted to share my review of this classic coat that is one of the most versatile pieces I own.

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About London Fog

Here is a little bit of information about the London Fog brand. The Londontown Clothing Company was founded in 1923. During WWII, the company was known for making waterproof coats for the United States Navy. London Fog introduced coats for women in the 1950s and went public in the 1960s. A decade later, two thirds of all raincoats sold in the U.S. were London Fog, and soon after, London Fog became the world’s largest outerwear manufacturer. Today, products manufactured by London Fog include trench coats, raincoats, jackets, parkas, handbags and umbrellas. London Fog is ranked at the #1 recognized brand of outerwear in the United States.

London Fog Double-Breasted Hooded Trench Coat

I purchased my London Fog trench coat at Macy’s, during one of their online sale events. The regular price of the coat is $220 USD. If you would like a London Fog trench coat, Macy’s currently has this trench coat fully stocked in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, as well as in eight beautiful colors. To see all colors, click here. If the color you want happens to be sold out, check online at Macy’s frequently. Although the British Khaki color sells out the fastest, I’ve noticed that it comes back in stock regularly. If you see it in your size, grab it!

The London Fog Double-Breasted Hooded Trench Coat measures approximately 38″ long from center back to hem. The trench coat has a removable hood, two pockets at the waist, and a removable belt. The petite version of this coat comes in two colors (British Khaki and Dawn) and measures approximately 36″ long from center back to hem. To shop the petite trench coat, click here. For reference, I am wearing a size S and sometimes wonder whether I should’ve gotten an XS. The trench coat fits loosely on me, but once the weather cools down it will be perfect to wear over a chunky sweater.

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My Review of the London Fog Trench Coat

Two details that I personally love about this trench coat are that: the hood can be removed easily, and that this classic design comes with large thick buttons. With regards to taking care of the trench coat, although I have not washed it yet, it is machine washable. Finally, just like the majority of clothing items that I purchase online, the coat arrived with wrinkles, but it was very easy to iron them out. Overall, this is a great trench, at a reasonable price! Macy’s currently has this trench coat on sale with the code FALL. To shop the trench coat, click here.

Would I purchase this trench coat again? Yes! I would get another one in gray, burgundy or black! When it comes to outerwear, I usually start out by purchasing a wearable or neutral color, and after I have one of those in my wardrobe I add other colors to my collection. Let me know if you have any questions. Talk soon! Xx

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