From the Beach to the City – How My Style Has Changed

Florencia of Ana Florentina wearing H&M tweed jacket and pleated skirt
Florencia of Ana Florentina wearing tahari pants, H&M coat in New York City
Florencia of Ana Florentina wearing faux leather pants and faux fur coat in New York City

Even after living in many big cities, moving to New York City was a huge change for someone who prefers living as close to the equator as possible! When it comes to getting dressed, the biggest differences between the island life and the city life are: color palette and layers of clothing. Eighteen months ago when I left Miami for New York, I wondered how I would transition my colorful, summer year-round wardrobe into a predominantly black, brown and beige minimal closet. My everyday ensembles no longer include denim shorts, maxi dresses and sandals, and include sweaters, big coats and winter boots!

Weather is not the only factor that plays a role in the style differences between the cities – mode of transportation influences as well. When I was living in Miami, I would commute everywhere by car, but now I depend primarily on the subway or the bus. I used to rely on my car to carry my belongings through my commute, while here it’s just my two arms. My everyday bags are now either just big enough to fit my essentials like this crossbody bag, or as lightweight and functional as my go-to bag, this one here, that gives my hands freedom to carry other things such as groceries.

Ana Florentina in New York City




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