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ATT: Shoe Lovers

This post is dedicated to you!

Every shoe lover loves a good sale, yet most of the time we are so consumed with our daily lives that we have zero time to spend online looking through dozens of pages of the shoe sale catalog.  And if you are like me, then you have no time to drive to the mall.  That’s why online-shopping is so easy, quick & convenient.  Because we are still in the middle of ‘wedding season,’ and many cities are just now starting to have warmer days, I have rounded up gorgeous pumps (in a color that matches almost any dress), pretty sandals, a few lace-ups (to wear out at night), and in the bottom row you will find comfortable shoes for every day wear.  All of the shoes are under $ 100.00, except five.  I have already purchased one pair of lace-ups, and one of the pumps – can you guess which ones?  And now that I have them at home, I am happy with both choices 🙂  Thanks for reading, lots of love! 

*** Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale ends August 8, 2016.

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