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Happy Friday ladies!  Today I wanted to share a few basic skin care products that I use on a daily basis.  Two of these are Cetaphil products that I have been using for over a decade.  Prior to using make-up remover to take off my lip-stick, eye-shadow, foundation, etc, I like to wash my face with warm water and Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser.  I love that it feels very soft for my skin.  After I wash my face, I remove all excess eye make-up with Neutrogena’s Oil Free Make-Up remover.  This remover is specifically made for sensitive eyes (this is very important!).

With regards to how I take care of my under eye area, I use La Roche-Posay’s Redermic Eye [C].  This cream helps reduce the look of deep wrinkles and also reinforce the skin’s support structure (I use this once daily).  It is not very cheap but you can conveniently purchase it at most drugstores.  From the brand La Roche-Posay I also love the Thermal Water, it soothes and softens the skin that has been irritated by the sun, while protecting against skin aging.

What about you?  What products are included in your daily skin care routine?  If you have yet to create a routine, I suggest you start with these, I know you will enjoy them!



Barcelona Fashion | Escorpion AW13

ESCORPION Autumn-Winter 2013/14

Yesterday was the last day of 080 Barcelona Fashion week… I hope you all have enjoyed getting to know a few Spanish or Catalan fashion designers!

Escorpion was my favorite clothing label from yesterday’s catwalk shows.  Escorpion is a brand that specializes in knitwear, and their main focus is to provide quality pieces that are comfortable – without sacrificing seductive elegance.  I love Escorpion because it is feminine and the knitting is delicate.  For the Fall, Escorpion collaborated with Selim de Somavilla, a Barcelonian designer.  The color palette was varied, but primarily composed of earth tones.  Until next week!

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ESCORPION Otoño-Invierno 2013/14

Ayer fue el último día de la semana de la moda 080 Barcelona Fashion…  Espero que hayan disfrutado ver las colecciones de algunos diseñadores españoles o catalanes!

  Escorpión es una marca que se especializa en prendas de lana, y su principal objetivo es proporcionar piezas de calidad cómodas – sin sacrificar la elegancia seductora.  Me encanta la ropa de Escorpión porque es femenina y delicada.  Para el otoño, Escorpión colaboró con Selim de Somavilla, un diseñador barcelonés.  La paleta de colores fue variada, pero principalmente compuesta de tonos color tierra.

Las espero la semana que viene!

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Barcelona Fashion | Custo Barcelona AW13

  CUSTO BARCELONA Autumn-Winter 2013/14

Catalan fashion designer Custo Dalmau loves complex patterns.  For Fall he relied on an extensive gray & brown color pallete, and played with metallic textures.  I personally loved the shape of these dresses: fitted, not long, and with an accent belt on the waist, creating a lovely silhouette to showcase a woman’s body.  Take a look at my favorite outfits below!   

CUSTO BARCELONA Otoño-Invierno 2013-14  

    Al diseñador de moda catalán, Custo Dalmau, le gustan las estampados originales y atractivos.  Para el otoño se basó en una extensa paleta de grises y marrones, para lograr un look sobrio y casual.  Me ha encantado la forma de los vestidos: cortos, al cuerpo, y con un cinturón en la cintura para remarcar la silueta del cuerpo de la mujer.  Arriba pueden ver los looks que mas me gustaron…


Barcelona Fashion | Celia Vela AW13

CELIA VELA Autumn-Winter 2013

COLLECTION  “Mille-feuille”

At first glance, Celia Vela’s newest collection appears to be a simple job but when you pay close attention to the details, you discover the complexity of each outfit.  Celia Vela has been able to play with volumes, different fabrics and textures to create romantic and delicate looks.  She used at least five different fabrics, including tulle, jacquard and embroidery to design the outfits.  That is probably why she named her collection “Mille-Feuille” which literally translates to ‘a thousand layers.”  Take a look below!   

CELIA VELA Otoño-Invierno 2013

COLECCIÓN “Milhojas”

A primera vista, la nueva colección de Celia Vela parece ser un trabajo sencillo, pero cuando se presta mucha atención a los detalles, se descubre la complejidad de cada atuendo.  Celia Vela ha sido capaz de jugar con volúmenes, diferentes telas y texturas para crear looks románticos y delicados.  Ella utilizó al menos cinco tejidos diferentes, incluyendo el tul, sarga, jacquard y bordado para diseñar los trajes.  Esa es probablemente la razón por la que nombró a su colección “Mille-feuille,”que se traduce literalmente como “mil capas.”  A ver si les gusta! 

Ph: 080 Barcelona Fashion


Barcelona Fashion | Justicia Ruano AW13

JUSTICIA RUANO Autumn-Winter 2013

Justicia Ruano is a designer that I am obsessed with!  When I look at her designs I can tell she has a passion for creating exquisite, seductive and lady-like looks.  

Her collection showcased plenty of silk, satin, and sequins, as well as gloves & boots to decorate high-waisted pencil skirts or dresses. 

I hope that you enjoy the looks below!  Congrats to Justicia Ruano for giving us a lesson on elegance, and for creating pieces that accentuate the natural sensuality of the modern woman.   

JUSTICIA RUANO Invierno-Otoño 2013

Justicia Ruano es una diseñadora de la que estoy obsesionada!  Cuando se observan sus diseños se nota que ella tiene una pasión por crear looks exquisitos y seductivos para una lady.

En su colección se vió un montón de seda, satén y lentejuelas, así como guantes y botas para decorar faldas de talle lápiz o vestidos.

Espero que disfruten lo que propone para la próxima temporada!  Felicitaciones a Justicia Ruano por darnos una lección de elegancia, y por crear piezas que acentúan de forma natural la sensualidad de la mujer moderna.

Photography: 080 Barcelona Fashion


Barcelona Fashion | Mango SS13


Spring-Summer 2013

MANGO unveiled its latest looks during the first day of 080 Barcelona Fashion.  I love this Spanish brand, and I wore it daily during my years spent in Spain obtaining my graduate degree.  What I enjoy about MANGO is that it offers women a modern yet contemporary style of clothing, at an affordable price (especially for a non-working student!).  Every one of their looks is simple, trendy, & modern.  For the Spring-Summer season, MANGO opted for white tones that highlighted the outfits, creating timeless clean silhouettes.  Some transparencies & embroideries were added for a suggestive look.  I loved their amazing spring trends!!!

Below is a photo of every outfit that I need in my closet.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for another look from Barcelona’s fashion week!

Have a great day…xox


Primavera-Verano 2013

MANGO dió a conocer sus últimos looks durante el primer día del 080 Barcelona Fashion.  A mí personalmente me encanta esta marca, y yo la usaba a diario durante mis años vividos ​​en España mientras estudiaba para obtener mi posgrado.  Lo que me gusta de MANGO es que le ofrece a las mujeres un estilo moderno y contemporáneo de prendas de vestir, a un muy buen precio (especialmente para los estudiantes que no trabajan!).  Cada una de las prendas es simple y moderna. Para la temporada primavera-verano MANGO ha optado por tonos blancos, logrando de esa manera siluetas clásicas.  Agregaron transparencias y bordados para un look mas atractivo.  La colección entera está espectacular!!!

Arriba les muestro una foto de cada look que necesito en mi armario.

Las espero mañana para compartirles otros looks de la semana de la moda de Barcelona!

Deseo que pasen un gran día … xox

Ph: 080BcnFashion


The Peplum Style

Pink-PeplumWhite Peplum

Hello!  I am loving the new ” peplum ” trend!  I love it for skirts, dresses and tops alike.  Here are two lovely looks that I found.

Next week I will be covering one of my favorite Fashion Weeks of the world, the “080 Barcelona Fashion,” it takes place twice a year.  I lived in Spain for a few years in order to complete my graduate program.  While being there full-time, I wore and enjoyed multiple Spanish brands and designers.  Especially after exams, I would treat myself to the stores…  I had located the MANGO Outlet, so at one point my entire outfit was MANGO from head to toes!  I also attended the awesome Bread & Butter, a trade and fashion show for Ready-to-Wear fashion / clothing and streetwear.  It was incredible!!


Check back next week regarding my commentary about 080 Barcelona Fashion, and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!