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Lovely news!!!

Ralph Lauren has partnered with ASPCA for “The Dog Walk’ Campaign!!! Rescue & shelter dogs were used for the making of this campaign – to increase awareness of the huge number of dogs waiting in cages at shelters throughout the country for a loving home.

The campaign showcases accessories from its Fall 2013 Collection.  The video was released this month because it is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog-Month…  I love this!!!  10% of the proceeds from this campaign is being donated to the ASPCA… And all the dogs in the campaign have found a forever home!

What a creative & effective way to bring love to shelter dogs!

“Saving just one dog won’t change the world… but surely for ‘that one’ dog… the world will change forever.”

Check out: www.ASPCA.org to learn how you can help save a life.

Please visit: www.AdoptAPet.com to find a pet to adopt.  Every single one is in need of a loving home.

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