Spring Shoes That Will Elevate Your Style




I have rounded up nine shoes for Spring that are super cute and will look great with dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts, almost anything. There is something about neutral colored shoes that I love, not only are they easier to match, they are delicate and feminine!  Those that have a block heel or a wedge will definitely be more comfortable.

This Spring season braided shoes are leading the ways of fashion, and they come in all styles, patterns, heights, colors and textures.  Different styles certainly have different visual effects.  Above you can see that I selected: clear / white / tan / beige, because you can get (a lot!) more use out of neutrals.  Enjoy your Spring looks with these shoes of the season!!

  1. Victorie Sandal
  2. Buckled Leather Mule
  3. Posseni White Sandal
  4. Neubria Wedge Sandal
  5. Iris Buff Sandal
  6. Espadrille Wedge Sandal
  7. Vinyl and Leather Sandal
  8. Taina Sandal
  9. Braided Double Strap High Heel
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