How To Wear Winter Whites


It has been COLD in New York City, mostly in the high 20s and low 30s… That is 50 degrees lower than what I am used to! I am acclimating better than I had anticipated, thanks to the growing collection of new sweaters that I am now the proud owner of, haha! I arrived to NY with sleeveless tops and lightweight dresses – that is it. Then all of a sudden I was running around searching for cozy winter gear!

But today we woke up to weather in the 40s – what an gift! It appears that it will remain like this for the entire week, and tomorrow it may reach the mid 50s. Anyway, I am slowly mastering the art of layering, and this knit sweater is in my opinion a great option for that! It will keep you warm and pairs perfectly with just about anything. Then throw on a pair of booties, and you are good to go!

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