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LPA flare pant black flared pants

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LPA flare pant ruffle pants black


Good afternoon!  Anyone else watching the World Cup?!  I have watched four games so far!  Spain v Portugal, Argentina v Iceland, Brasil v Switzerland, and Germany v Mexico, all very exciting!!!  I grew up watching my dad wake up in the middle of the night to watch games played in a different time zone.  There are many countries playing that mean a lot to me.  I am just still surprised that Italy and Holland are not in the world cup this time – both countries usually have fantastic teams.  If you are also watching, let me know who you are rooting for! 🙂

Today’s look was created around these stunning flare pants.  I wore this exact outfit last weekend for the first time, and felt amazing in it.  The pants fit like a glove, I like the high waist, love the material, and the flare at the bottom speaks for itself.  I added a bandeau top for a sleek all black look, and completed the look with bold accessories – a striped bag & red sunglasses.  I love this combination, and you!?


Ruffles Flare Pants

Bandeau Top

Striped Crossbody Bag

Cat Eye Sunglasses


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