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“The June Box”

ellie activewear box

What came in this month’s subscription box?

  1. One Sports Bra
  2. One Fitness Top
  3. One pair of Leggings
  4. One Sports Hat
  5. One Small Bag

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This is the third Ellie Activewear Box that I share – I love them!  Ellie is a workout wear and gear subscription.  Every month you receive 5 amazing items for your active lifestyle.  Your usual box can include a sports bra, a top, leggings or capris, a jacket, accessories, and a piece of equipment.  The best part is that this box is so motivating!!  Because when it comes to working out, some days we all need an extra push.  Wearing these awesome outfits instantly puts me in “Workout Mode” and makes me feel that I can complete the fitness routine that I planned for that day!

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To learn more about six (6) easy tips to maintain a steady fitness routine, click on ‘continue reading’ !!!

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  1. Start low and progress slowly – if on the first day you work out excessively, all your muscles will hurt, and you may not have the strength to continue steadily!  Increase the weights & exercises over the course of the month.
  2. Mix It Up – create a balanced routine with different activities – keep yourself entertained by mixing the exercises.  If you are at the gym, choose between the treadmill, the stationary bike, squats, jumping jacks, or weight machines.  On a different day you can take your exercise outside and walk for 30 to 45 minutes.
  3. Do It For Yourself – in order to stick with your fitness routine, you need to choose to do it out of love for yourself, and a genuine desire to live a healthy lifestyle.  You come first.
  4. Hang tough! – who said it is easy?  But that does not mean you have to quit, right?  If you already have a fitness routine, then you are aware of the benefits and side effects that come along with it, such as: feelings of happiness, accomplishment, strength, fulfillment, just to name a few!
  5. Put It On Paper – keep track of your progress!  I always write down whether I attended a fitness class (and which one it was), spent an hour jogging outside, etc.
  6. Select A Convenient Location – I have always focused on this one because I like to make it easy on myself to ensure that I later attend the classes!!

ellie activewear

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ellie activewear

** Thanks Ellie Activewear for making this post possible.

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