How to Wear Pearl Jewelry

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Pearls have an effortless elegance about them so when one adds a string of pearls to an outfit – it instantly oozes elegance.

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Pearls, natural or cultured, are available to anyone that wants to add a classic touch to their ensemble.  The most important principle is to keep the rest of the outfit soft and simple.

This season pearls are quite trendy again!  This is because designers have given pearls a total makeover.

 Have you seen pearl embellished sandals?  I have also seen pearl studded jeans, pearl embellished denim shorts, this cute cross body bag with pearls, these comfy nude sandals, and this pair of gorgeous high heels with pearls.  


  1. Pair pearls with a casual blouse (white, neutral, blush, or ivory)
  2. Wear a pearl necklace to a black-tie event (over a classic & timeless black dress)
  3. Add a pearl necklace to your wedding gown (or bridesmaid dress)

Below you can see how my pearl necklace enhances a casual blush blouse.   I wanted to keep the tone of the outfit as delicate and feminine as possible – that’s why I picked the color blush (which I love!).  I finished my all-blush ensemble with pearl earrings, and two pearl bracelets that match the necklace.

What do you think??

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A pearl necklace should accentuate, not overpower, the outfit.

Pearls look best when worn over:

  1. Solid neutral color gowns
  2. Chiffon / silk blouses
  3. Tailored suits for work
  4. Black cocktail dresses

** Try to avoid loud prints / colors, designs, ruffles or embellishments.

 Pearls epitomize ladylike chic, and they are not as flashy as diamonds.  Make a statement at your next event with a pearl necklace – you will look so classy!

At the bottom of this post you will find tons of pearl embellished beautiful things – SEE THEM ALL!!!

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