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“The June Box”

ellie activewear box

What came in this month’s subscription box?

  1. One Sports Bra
  2. One Fitness Top
  3. One pair of Leggings
  4. One Sports Hat
  5. One Small Bag

ana florentina

This is the third Ellie Activewear Box that I share – I love them!  Ellie is a workout wear and gear subscription.  Every month you receive 5 amazing items for your active lifestyle.  Your usual box can include a sports bra, a top, leggings or capris, a jacket, accessories, and a piece of equipment.  The best part is that this box is so motivating!!  Because when it comes to working out, some days we all need an extra push.  Wearing these awesome outfits instantly puts me in “Workout Mode” and makes me feel that I can complete the fitness routine that I planned for that day!

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For Every Fitness Lover!


Sports Bra: Forever 21 | Leggings: Nordstrom | Shoes: New Balance



Having a strict fitness routine has always been extremely important for me, so I am very consistent with it.  It motivates me, distracts me from daily stuff, keeps me healthy, and fit.  The first Zumba classes that I ever took were when I was 14 years old… and I have not stopped working out since then.  I used to ask my parents to drive me to the local Athletic Club four times a week, Steps and Zumba were my favorite.  A few years later I got into Bikram Yoga, and did that weekly for two years.  Then I got hooked on Spinning classes, which I did for another 2-3 years.  After we moved, I started high-impact classes at a different gym.  And for the last few years I have been loving Boot-Camp classes.

For those of you with a similar fitness routine (or that would love to start one!), I recommend getting cute workout outfits to help get you motivated!!  If you are not sure which classes to sign up for, I suggest to try them all once to see where you feel most comfortable at.  Many gyms offer free classes or a trial period.  There are tons of gyms, I chose whichever is located closest to my house (only a 5 – 10 minute drive).  Make it easy on yourself – so that you can keep your fitness routine going.  😉

Another Healthy Way To Exercise: Walking Outside

If you do not have any gym nearby, and you have pets, walk them!  This is truly a Win-Win situation, the pups get their exercise and so do you!  I have two big pups (adopted / rescued), and because I want them to be healthy & happy, I walk them 2-3 miles each time, 3-4 times per week.  Living without a yard has been a fantastic excuse for me to spend more time outside enjoying and appreciating nature – thanks to my pups, of course.  I also read recently that taking a walk with your dog outside 15-30 min daily is therapeutic.  #adoptdontshop

Ah!  I recommend the Citrus-Zinger Infuser Bottle that you see above.  For the last months I had been searching for an infuser bottle made specifically for citrus fruits – to give the water a real fruit infused flavor.  It’s very easy to use and wash, so I even take it to work.  I purchased it at a local store, and I linked it here for you guys!  (Only % 15.99!).


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