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CartagenaSimilar red rompers here and here.

             Hi girls!  I am loving Cartagena, it is lively, colorful & beautiful.  We walk around the old city all day long and stop at museums or tourist places.  However the summer heat here is unbearable!  Very few places have air conditioner and after walking for twenty minutes you start sweating incredibly.  But that’s okay because we are here for a few days so making the most of them.  The food is quite delicious and the people here are so kind.  In my previous post I listed all the restaurants that we have been to.  Today we ate at Crepes & Waffles, I had the “pane cook” which is a bread bowl soup (had not eaten one in years – I love them).  It is a round bread filled with any of their options – I chose mushroom – so yummy.  Thanks for reading, xox.

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