Color Obsession of The Month: Blue

You really just can’t go wrong with blue home decor. Here are my favorite reasons to love this magnificent color, as well as a few others in shades of gray. Prior to living in New York City, I lived right on the ocean in Miami Beach, Florida. Looking at the blue ocean brought me so much peace (at a time that I needed it the most). I was lucky enough to find an apartment that had great views of the Atlantic ocean. And my home was primarily decorated in white, blue and golden tones. In my opinion, you just can’t overdo blue!

Home decor in blue or light blue will forever remind me of those years living by the sea. And you? Do you love blue as much as I do?!

  1. Beach Splash Framed Wall Art
  2. Ceramic Table Vase
  3. Blue Ceramic Jar
  4. Blue Ceramic Jar
  5. Area Rug
  6. Distressed Table Lamp Blue
  7. Table Lamp Blue White
  8. Fuzzy Throw
  9. Decorative Wall Mirror
  10. Artificial Hydrangea
  11. Fringe Pillow


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