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maria vittoria paolillo

DRESS (c/o) MVP Wardrobe

When I first started my blog, I intended to create a space were I could unveil the creativity of haute-couture designers from around the world, on a weekly basis. Due to my Italian and Spanish roots, I have an affinity for designers with whom I share the same heritage and I love sharing them with you! While living in Spain, I was captivated with Barcelona-based designers Menchen Tomas, Justicia Ruano & Celia Vela, all of whom are extraordinary designers.

Back then the concept of a ‘fashion blogger’ was rapidly gaining momentum, but it wasn’t until a few years later that I decided to start sharing my personal discoveries in style, beauty and home-decor.

So in today’s Discovering Designers post I share with you a fabulous Italian brand that I discovered recently. I am so happy to continue with one of the original intents of my blog – showcasing those international designers that I currently have my eye on!

MVP Wardrobe was established by designer Maria Vittoria Paolillo, whose dream was to create a colorful wardrobe that is refreshed and renewed monthly. Her designs are vibrant, feminine and fun. I can’t wait for our next vacation so that I can wear this adorable mini dress!

Her collections are inspired by all the young women that are courageously pursuing their goals, while respecting everyone they encounter along the way. I fell in love with her vibrant designs, the quality of the fabrics, and the creativity behind each of her pieces. To visit her website and see her latest collection visit here!

Have a beautiful Monday!


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