How to Dress Like a Girl Boss

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TOP (F21) / SKIRT (Guess) / JACKET (Zara) / SHOES (Badgley Mischka)/ HANDBAG (Ferragamo) / SUNGLASSES (Fendi) / LIPSTICK (Urban Decay)

To me, being a Girl Boss is about being self-assured, confident, ambitious and independent, it’s not necessarily about being a boss to others, I see it more about being the boss of your own life.  And while there is no strict formula to dressing as a powerful woman, nothing says #GirlBoss like black leather.  

My personal approach to the girl boss style is a mix of leather and lace.  There’s something about mixing an edgy skirt with a feminine fabric that totally gets me into Girl Boss character.  One of my suggestions is to invest in a faux-leather skirt that fits you like a glove – they are fashionable, trendy, and wearable.  If you have no idea where to find one, start at Guess, I love how they fit! and their prices are great.    

If you are a gal that prefers the more traditional look, here are three easy tips for styling outfits when you need to look professional:

(1) Choose staple items: these are those timeless classics that never go out of style.  For the most part, your staples are going to be your solid colors.  You really can’t go wrong when you buy clothing items in black, white, beige, navy, or grey.  Keep in mind that prints come and go but those colors will match with almost anything.  Every girl boss should own: a black pencil skirt, grey or black pleated pants, and white or black blouses (at a minimum).  

(2) Accessories: To Add or Not to Add: these can either make or break an outfit like this, so choose wisely.  I prefer clean looks so I stay away from accessories most of the time, except maybe earrings.  When it comes to looking professional, less is always more.

(3) No need to be perfect, just be polished: this includes nice hair, a good skin care regimen, and a bit of make-up.  A true girl boss knows how to take care of herself from top to bottom.  Make it a point to dress well and look put-together at all times.

I believe in wearing what makes you feel like a boss!  Always be authentic to who you are, so that you can look and feel comfortable everywhere you go.  😉  Have a wonderful weekend, lots of love!

– To see how I previously styled this faux leather skirt, see this post here


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