Sunny Days & Lace Heels






Lace shoes: old, shop similar // Sunglasses: old Fendi, shop similar // Cardigan: Target Mossimo, similar // Belt: Calvin Klein, shop similar


Hi guys!  Finally a sunny day, it’s incredible!  The temperature has been in in the 50s-60s during the day.  It has also rained every single day, all day.  Today the sun is bright and it is gorgeous out!

How adorable are these lace heels?  And my outfit I just created around that white under dress which belongs in another dress I have!  It cannot be worn on its own because it is a little see-through, so the black long cardigan was perfect to wear on top.  That cardigan I wore at least once a week in 2015 and it’s staying by my side in 2016.  I bought it in three colors, and I use all three so much.  They are so convenient.

Next week I will be covering the Fashion Week that is taking place in my beloved city of Barcelona.  As usual, I am looking forward to Justicia Ruano, Celia Vela, and many other of my favorite Catalan designer’s autumn-winter 2016/17 collections  I am so excited! Stay tuned!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  January has been so great, I cannot wait to see what’s next…


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